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Mon Nov 30th 2020

Is your real estate investment holding up?

A lot of people have reached out to us in recent months asking this question.

A lot of people have reached out to us in recent months, wondering how the value of their real estate investments is holding up. Well, according to the most recent MLS statistics, last month the median home price in Austin was $419,714 (9.9% higher than in June 2019). On average homes are also sold 9.7% faster than they were the previous year. They were typically on the market for only three and a half weeks. There are lots of ways to think about the value of your home, but these are two great indicators that value is still on the rise!

City of Austin Market Report

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As first time home buyer I had many questions, but Johnny Henion and the Outlaw Realty were always there to answer them and to help me every step of the way. He and his team were very attentive and provided me with personal and professional service. Johnny helped me find the perfect home and made my first home buying experience smooth and successful. - Matt G.