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Are You Intereted in Investment Property Searching?

We understand the goals and desires of investors because we own investment property ourselves. We have researched the best investment areas and understand the short term and long term impacts of investing in real estate. Although real estate is not as liquid as the stock and bond market, America offers the incredible advantage of leverage. Historically, real estate has appreciated 6% since the 1920’s. If you are realistic, have long term investment goals (at least 3-5 years), have at least 6 months of cash reserve to absorb a vacancy, and if you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, we believe that Austin provides unique investment opportunities for you.

Why is Austin such a great city to own investment property? We have one of the strongest job markets in the country, as Forbes magazine recently pointed out. We have 7 well-respected colleges and universities (hint: students usually rent). And people, attracted by no state income tax, a mild climate, hiking trails, a bustling music and entertainment scene, and well-respected schools, are flocking here. Furthermore, rents are appreciating from the downturn Austin faced during the tech bust in 2001. Homes are renting on average for 8% more than 2007 and are anticipated to climb.

We offer realistic advice and expectations to investors. We can help you navigate questions like: What type of property should I buy? What should my numbers look like? Is it still worth buying a negative cash flow property? Where should I buy? What happens after closing?

Not only will we help you decide where to buy and what home to buy, but we will help you navigate your new job as a landlord! Please contact us in order to discuss your desired investment goals.



Sarah and I purchased a house and used Tom (Sunstrom) as our realtor. He went above and beyond to help us through the process. We called him about the house on Monday, we viewed it on Tuesday and put an offer that won on Thursday. We really appreciated his help in purchasing our first house and our dream house. Also,before we closed, Tom was able to negotiate with the seller to get a key to the new house and I set up a surprise proposal to my now wife at our new house. Thanks so much Tom. - Paul G.