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Mother’s Day Out 

Mother’s Day Out, as they are called in the south, are usually for infants through toddler or pre-school age, often part-time and 1/2 or 3/4 day. Many Mother’s Day Out Programs in the area are faith based programs and some will have impressive waiting lists; a waiting list alone does not mean the school is the best fit for your child or the right place for your family to invest. There are some excellent programs in Austin that have open spots yearly. Find two or three you might be interested in, either near home or work, and put your name on a waiting list. Some waiting lists require a non-refundable administrative deposit. While any childcare program should have proper licensing to care for children, these programs do not usually have or require accreditation for academic standards. $180-$450 a month.

Private Day Care or Preschool

Child Development Centers or Home-Based Programs offer more school hours and full week programs for children birth-5 who need daytime care. Price range can be $450-$800 and beyond.

Families who require daily and more full time care have the option of attending more than one Mother’s Day Out Program concurrently or choosing a Day Care Facility that will meet needs for extended care. It is important to note that in Austin “Daycare” and “Preschool” are not always synonymous. If you walk into a center and get the vibe that the kids are bored and only their basic needs are met, we want to let you know that there are better options in town!

A Day Care should be registered at minimum and preferably licensed by the State of Texas. Explore special programs and check for violations from licensed facilities at Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Public Preschool
The Austin Independent School District provides a full-day prekindergarten program for all children who turn four on or before September 1st of the current school year. Students must also qualify by being either:

  • limited-English proficient (LEP); or
  • educationally disadvantaged; or
  • child of active military parent; or
  • homeless.

Check with other districts for availability and qualifications for prekindergarten programs in that district.

Nanny/Private Care
Austin is a University town and there are several ways to find candidates for private care; background checks can often be run at minimal cost online. Average Cost: $9-15+ dollars an hour, benefits not usually expected.

Mother's Day Out & Preschool Programs

All Saints Episcopal Church
Butterfly Christian Preschool
(The) Children’s School
Covenant Presbyterian School 
Elsass Academy (Westlake) (North Central)
First Presbyterian Day School 
(The) Good Earth Farm School    
Good Shepherd Episcopal School
(The) Greenwood School
Hyde Park Baptist School 
Lakeway Church Christian Preschool  
Montessori of the Epiphany –  
Spicewood Country School
St. Martin’s Lutheran Preschool 
St. Matthews Episcopal School
Tarrytown United Methodist Church 
Westminster Presbyterian Day School

Early Childhood 
Other Resources for Early Childhood Care


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