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Are You Interested In Pocket Listings - A Different Kind of Listing Experience?

Have you thought about selling your home in the last year, but after considering, decided to wait?  If the answer is yes, you’re not alone!  Our market area has seen a very noticeable drop in inventory, while overall demand remains at or above last years’ levels.  Because of this, in many areas, there are a number of buyers who are simply waiting for new listings to view.

Many home owners, although ready to sell, are not interested in taking the “official” step of placing themselves on the market.  There are a few reasons for this hesitation.  “What if we sell before we locate a home to purchase?” and “It will be too stressful having to present our home at a moments’ notice.” are a few common concerns associated with sellers.

If this resonates with you, marketing your home as a “pocket listing” makes very good sense.  A pocket listing is one that is marketed without placing it on the MLS or other main stream websites, until you are ready.  You have all the benefits you would otherwise have with a conventional listing.  You will still receive top notch advice from our recommended professional stagers, pictures and virtual tours from our favorite professional photographers, and the networking, marketing, and negotiating skills of the most professional, notoriously outstanding group of Realtors in town.  We will advise, coach and educate you with the same high level of competence and care you would receive on a conventional listing.

Marketing your home, at least in the beginning, as a pocket listing, will allow you to more comfortably enter the market, familiarize yourself with the current inventory, and better control the amount of traffic you receive on your home. We haven’t seen a better market for this type of listing in a long time!  Please email or call us today if you may be interested in taking the next step together!

Check out our current Pocket Listings to review our active Pocket Listings and their extensive and professionally stunning  virtual tours (all of which are included in a "Pocket Listing").



Pocket Listing Testimonial!
"Our experience with Charlie Pitkin and Outlaw Realty was magical. We used a pocket listing and had 3 offers out of six lookers. The process was assisted every step of the way by professionals in sequence.  Though overwhelming it was manageable. Take heed! The critiques leading up to staging are brutal and unique to this process. The

results work despite the ego bruising and precipitation of tears and anguish. We are downsizing by 700 sq. ft. Charlie put us on to a smaller home with charm and conveniences with half the property tax. 

Charlie's reference list for tradesmen was extensive, immediate, and the guys were proficient, clean cut, and on time. We are set. Thanks to Charlie and all the folks at Outlaw. The closings (2) were quick and complete the first time." - James Allman

Grant (Whittenberger) was always there for us when we needed him. Grant also had our best interest at heart when it came down to contract time on both sides. He coordinated a flawless transition plan (with both realtors) for us, so we did not have to utilize rental housing. Grant was always a step ahead of the gameplan. I truly felt like we were in great hands at closing time; everything was very organized. - Tina K.