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Wed Nov 13th 2013

Contract to Close Services! Getting the Next Level of Service

At Outlaw Realty, we pride ourselves in helping to coordinate the details of a transaction in the smoothest way possible. This is why all our clients get the services of a contract to close coordinator who works alongside their agent, once they have a home under contract.

A Contract to Close Coordinator is a transaction manager who helps the client, agents, title company and lender as a communications liaison to streamline and monitor transaction paperwork and guide the clients with timely reminders about what to do and how to avoid transaction pitfalls. Outlaw Realty has devoted, internal staff members who are trained using our high standards of service. Having a devoted transaction assistant whose strengths are document management and customer service, is the next level of exceptional service for our clients.

At Outlaw Realty we take transaction management seriously. We have innovated our systems from working with experts in the field of transaction management and added on our personalized service touches to fit with the way we do business for our clients (by working by referral, not "leads", and gaining referrals via providing our current clients with a real estate experience that is outside the norm and notorious for excellence.)

The advantage of having an experienced set of Contract to Close Coordinator eyes with the experience of hundreds of transactions is a strong advantage to Outlaw Realty clients! Thanks for your time and for reviewing our News Blog regarding Contract to Close Services and Getting the Next Level of Service.

Outlaw Realty Contract to Close Coordinators-

Leah Schimberg & Paula Wisdom

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Johnny Henion and all the the staff at Outlaw Realty are fantastic! They have the best marketing that I have ever seen. Selling a home is never stress free, but this was the most efficient and pleasant home selling experience I have ever had (and this makes house number 8!). They kept us informed with a weekly market analysis, new home listings, and detailed reports of prospective client feedback. It was truly amazing! - Angie P.