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Thu Oct 17th 2013

Outlaw Realty is Proud to Introduce Monica Poss

Austin, Texas - Outlaw Realty is proud to announce the addition of Monica Poss, Real Estate Consultant, to our team of real estate professionals. A former homebuilder, general contractor, and developer, Monica Poss brings her unique perspective to bear on every real estate transaction.  In addition to her background in real estate development, Monica holds an MBA from Stanford, giving her expertise in financial analysis, negotiation and marketing – all skills that give her clients the competitive edge they need to navigate the often tumultuous waters of real estate negotiations. To show her gratitude to her clients and the larger community of Austin, Monica gives back by donating 10% of each commission to her client’s charity of choice.

When not out showing houses or having coffee with friends and clients, you’ll find Monica at home in Rosedale with her husband, two kids and a passel of fluffy animals.  She is an active member of the Smith College and Stanford Graduate School of Business clubs in Austin and a frequent volunteer at her kids’ schools.

At Outlaw Realty, we work hard at being different. That’s because we believe, and our past clients have confirmed, that the status quo in real estate today is not good enough. Monica exemplifies the Authenticity, Passion, Investment, Freedom and Community Service that sets Outlaw Realty apart. We are excited to have Monica as a part of the team. For more information about Monica Poss and Outlaw Realty team that supports her and her clients please visit www.OutlawRealty.com. Outlaw Realty is a Private Label Realty group.

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Johnny (Henion) represented us in the sale of our old home. We were very nervous about the length of time it could take to sell and how to price the house. Johnny was prepared with neighborhood data and recommendations to help get the process rolling. Once an offer arrived, we found ourselves with a very high maintenance buyer. After five rounds of negotiations on the contract, we headed to inspections. When our inspection turned up an issue in the yard, Johnny was there with shovel in hand to help us determine the problem. The option period negotiations again took several rounds, with Johnny provided the voice of reason as we got frustrated. When closing delayed, he was there again with reassurances that the issues would get resolved. Johnny kept a sense of humor, perspective and our end goals in mind throughout the process and everything worked out. We would highly recommend Johnny and his team! We will certain work with Johnny again, if we ever decide to move! - Stephanie H,